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Bike MS - My first time riding! MS for 13 years!

First of all, a big congrats on the big 10,000! That's fantastic!

I would LOVE some help fundraising! Last year my husband did the Bike MS and I said I never would be able to do it. I was diagnosed in October of 1999 and I had been using my cane for the last two years, since I progressed after each of my two children. Well, some medication changes and I am no longer using my cane! I started training for it after I "got my legs back". I am up to 24 miles! I signed up to do 35 miles the first day and 15 the second. It has been a long hard road for us the past few years. Our son was born early (emergency c-section) and had developmental delays. He was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and ADD as well as numerous delays. It has been hard taking care of a child with special needs when I have a chronic illness, but I have a wonderful husband and great support system of family and friends.

My goal for doing the Bike MS is to not only to raise money, but to show our children that no matter what is different about you, you can do ANYTHING! Sometimes it may be different than the "norm" or it may take a lot longer, but it can be done. The motto in our house is "Never say 'I can't'. Just ask 'How can I?'".

  1. Debbie - I often look at people riding bikes around here and wonder if I can still do it... I know they say you never forget this skill but my body might not want to cooperate. Your biking might just give me the nerve to saddle up and give it a try, again. with my luck lately, I think I would need to find a helmet, first. Good luck with the ride! Laura

    1. Thanks Laura! You can definitely do it! Even if it is just around the block. I started with only a few blocks and slowly worked my way up. It was hard for me to get and keep my balance when I started riding. I'm still a bit uneasy and am definitely more comfortable on a trail with no one around! Get a good helmet, a decent bike and give it a try! It always feels good to "reclaim" something you thought MS took away!!!

      1. Debbie, congratulations on all you've achieved and for being a role model for your children and an inspiration to us all. As for fund raising help I can tell you that following the tips on the Bike MS site is worthwhile. Use Facebook and email to solicit donations and ask friends and family to share your message. Before I was diagnosed March '08 my company had a team of 4-5 riders who raised about $3,000. Since my diagnosis the team has averaged 50 riders and raised almost $400,000. I became the "face" of MS and and through that created awareness and an opportunity to discuss MS in the work place. As a result we learned of spouses, parents, siblings, cousins, in-laws and unfortunately children living with MS.

        Also attach a link to your Bike MS page on all your correspondence, you never know who just might make a donation. That includes message board posts! Good luck, Mike

        p.s. what medication change brought on the positive results?

        1. Hi Debbie. I did the BikeMS event for the first time last year and LOVED it. It's a great event, for all levels of cyclists, and a great way to bring money to the important fight against MS. Cheers to you and go get e'm! Best, Christie P.S. here's the story of Team Luca's debut.

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