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Does body trauma cause flare-ups?

I recently was having what I thought was a relapse (increase in symptoms). I thought that a flare-up was an increased intensity in symptoms within the relapse period. During all of this I had to have surgery, wrist reconstruction. I came home the same day and the next day I was just short of seizures and was coverd with electrical shocks, (L'Herette's). I had to be taken to the ER. Was sedated to the point of being put to sleep. This lasted about 24 hours. I have been having this same type of problem following previous surgeries or injuries. Been dealing with MS for a long time but these are nightmarish.

  1. David, nightmarish indeed, I'm sorry you have to endure such extreme reactions to illness and injury.

    We know that trauma of any stripe can cause both pseudo-exacerbations and actual MS relapses.

    If these reactions consistently occur when you have surgery and infections, you might discuss this with your doctors and make arrangements with them to be more vigilant during treatment, such as having you stay longer in the hospital after surgery to monitor those after-effects.

    I hope you're feeling better now after such an intense ordeal. Take good care. Kim, moderator

    1. Thank you, Kim, for your supportive comments. This should have been intuitive to an RN. I guess when muddling through this you, of course, can't think clearly. I am doing fine now. Relapse is winding down. I am having no pain now and the surgery did wonders. I get the cast off September 4th and start rehab. All seems to be resolving well. I will be having my other wrist rebuilt probably sometime after the first of the year. Memo to self. Plan ahead for post trauma MS problems. Thank you, Kim.

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