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Brain MRI Results...Not Diagnosed Yet

I had a brain MRI done in Feb by my PCP and another one done in March by the Neurologist that I was referred to. Only one was found but it was in the callosum septal interface? Anyone else have a lesion in that area? I have a ton of MS symptoms and am curious. The neurologist blew me off saying bc it looked chronic (I’ve had on off symptoms since 2011) she wasn’t worried. I also am wondering if I could have other lesions on my spine since she didn’t conduct a spine MRI. Thank you guys!

  1. MS symptoms are chronic so I'm not sure why the neurologist would say that a lesion would not be a concern if it looked chronic. You might want to see a neurologist who has a speciality in MS patients. To help in your understanding of how MS is diagnosed, I've attached two articles. It is possible to have lesions show in the spine and not the brain though more rare. The Callosum Septal Interface area of the brain is a common location for lesions to be found for MS. Often a combination of MRI and spinal tap are performed to get a clear impression of what is going on. I hope this information helps.

    1. Thank you very much Donna! Very helpful! 😀

      1. Hi MM, I agree with Donna, MS is a complicated disease and not easily diagnosed. Find a Neuro who’s specialty is MS. One who will answer your questions and not blow you off. Your symptoms can range from eye problems to burning tingling aching fatigue weakness, cognitive issues, bladder etc. and the list goes on. Good Luck

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