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Is burning sensation on skin from MS?

  1. , We could not say what is causing a particular symptom because there are too many medical conditions that have the same symptoms; therefore, we make it a practice for safety reasons not to give medical advice. However, I can confirm that many MS patients do experience having burning sensations as one of their symptoms. It's a type of neuropathy that's pretty common in MS, along with itching, feelings of skin crawling, prickliness, etc. Here's a link to a symptom checker on our website that would allow you to look at a list of common MS symptoms to see if you have other signs that might indicate MS.

    and here's a list of conditions other than MS that have similar symptoms

    I hope you find this information helpful. Let us know if we can help further. Donna Steigleder, Moderator Multiple

    1. Dear Donna, thanks for the repond.My doctor confirmed the case MS through the test like Brain MRI,CSF test,blood Test,NCV,Electro,VEP,.Image test came out with white lesion so he advised further test of CSF where he found mild protien High.he already started treatment.
      Pls advise and help me how can I take care of myself apart from medication

      1. The burning pain you describe is a common symptom that many in our community experience. Here's an article one of our writer's shared about his experience with it

        It's something you and your doctor need to work together to address. Pain medication may help. My husband uses a product called Australian Dream Cream that works for him, others have found similar creams or remedies. It's a trial and error process mainly but don't give up. Let your doctor know what's happening, look at our resources, check our FACEBOOK site for ideas, and keep trying. You never know what might work. Donna Steigleder

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