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Can I apply for disability while I am working?

Can I apply for disability while I am working? Does the amount of hours affect your application?

  1. Hi . Thanks for the question and for being a part of our community! We have more information about applying for disability here along with resources who might be better able to answer questions about hours: Also, a couple of our contributors share their experiences for applying here: Hope this helps and keep us updated on how everything goes!!! - Kelly, Team Member

    1. Yes you sure can. They have three tiers. The first tier is work as much and making whatever you want for 9 months.

    2. Do you mean once you get disability? I know you can work when you are on it and so much per month. I am trying to apply while still working.

  2. Yes, after the 9 months you cant go over a certain amount each month without it being an issue.

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