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Caregiver - Good Payback

I share a house with a friend who is often my MS caregiver, especially when it comes to doing things in the yard, moving the trash cans for collection and getting stuff from the garage or basement when I am just too tuckered out. I used crutches most of the time and a cane in my modest sized home. I still drive, with hand controls, have good vision, and no major cog-fog so I can still do most thinking things, etc. My housemate has some pretty serious vision issues and will be having surgery soon. It is nice to be able to assist my housemate in going to the doctor multiple times, reading small print, and doing fine handiwork that I can do easily. I feel like I am able to payback for all the things my housemate does. we don't always have the option to assist our caregivers like this, but I am so happy I can be of good use.

  1. Hi Nobu, it's good to hear that your living situation is one of mutual support. It's a big self-esteem boost whenever we can feel useful to others. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

    Kim, moderator

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