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Challenge yourself to stay connected in our shrinking world

When I realized that my day to day routine didn't change much due to the self-quarantine restrictions, I wrote this article as a reminder to myself to stay in touch with people and not limit myself.

  1. What a wonderful article, ! I like what you have to say about hugs and their importance to our emotional well-being. Thanks so much for sharing! – Lori,, Team Member

    1. @LoriFoster Thank you! My family are natural huggers so it's weird to me to shy away from people. I haven't been out much but I find myself giving people the side-eye to make sure they don't come near me. Not good! Thankfully, I have my husband with me but my heart hurts for people who may be riding this out alone. I didn't realize how important things like hugging were until you couldn't do it.

      1. , I hope we don't have to do this for too long. I would hate to see people get out of the habit entirely. Sending lots of virtual hugs your way! – Lori,, Team Member

        1. Traci,
          thanks for this! It touches me deeply whenever loneliness is mentioned. As I saw my elderly father go through this to an extreme degree after my mother passed away and he was basically alone for 5 years until his death.
          Even though there were those of us that would be with him, and do things for him and keep him company, it could never be the same as having my mother there.
          I pray that we would never forget those who have lost someone especially now, during this pandemic. That we would reach out the best we can, in ways that we are able to. There are a whole lot of lonely people out there.
          Those of us whose as you so aptly put it, daily routine han't changed much, to children whose playdates have had to be altered or cancelled, the elderly who can't get out or are afraid to, and the list goes on.
          Thank you for this vital reminder to stay in touch with people, be patient and kind. Someone out there today will need it...Janus

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