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Compounded 4-Aminopyridine anyone?

My neurologist recommended the compound form because Ampyra 10mg was too high a dosage for me. I am diagnosed with "secondary progressive" MS, am 70 yrs. old, and have trouble with distance-walking. I wear an AFO for foot-drop and a knee-brace for knee hyperextension. Thoughts and experiences anyone?

  1. Hi Echo! While waiting on community feedback, I thought you might appreciate this information on Ampyra (with some mention of compounded 4-Aminopyridine) -- It sounds like there are similar potential side effects, but the compounded version *might* mitigate some of the side effects you may have experienced on the 10 mg Ampyra. Might I ask if you were on the 10 mg, or did your neurologist decide it was too strong a dose and go right to suggesting the compound form? Thank you for reaching out to the community! We're glad to have you here! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I am very interested in hearing more about this
      I am also 70 years old have medium hyperextension and slight but problematic foot drop.... Otherwise no symptoms.

      1. I took 5mg. of compounded 4-Aminopyrodine 2xd for several months, and could not get up to the prescribed 3xd without "tingling" side- effects. It didn't seem to help my symptoms of rt, knee-hyperextension, rt. drop-foot, and rt.fingers numbness. So my neurologist advised I stop taking it. I have never taken any other MS medication. I've increased my exercise, and go to PT 2xwk., and wear a knee-brace for the foot-drop and knee hyperextension. I was diagnosed with MS in 2011.

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