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What should people with multiple sclerosis do as far as the coronavirus since many of us have medications that compromise our health?

Should we stay in & when going out in public should we wear the CDC version of an anti-virus mask (the one completely covers the lower face and fits snug, etc.?

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    1. DonnaFA, Thank you so much for your timely response & not just for me of course but for any of us wondering about the Corona virus, the personal plan that I'm using is listen to valid news sources like NPR and PBS,also it doesn't hurt to listen to science Friday on NPR.(one of my favorite things) The afternoon local news for Lancaster Pennsylvania just said, that there are now seven individuals in Eastern Pennsylvania carrying the Coronavirus.The 2nd part of my plan involves paying attention to the numbers if they go higher and because we are close to New York and their little bit get a lot of travelers in and out every weekend so I will be wearing the CDC; recommended facial mask that is supposed to be very similar to what the military uses, when going into areas where air flow may toxic & medical gloves in public; some, may find this funny but for me that's my personal best !

      1. Hi , thanks so much for the great question as it's top of mind for everyone right now! I'm glad Donna already shared some information with you, and we will also be publishing some articles about coronavirus, COVID-19, and how it may impact people with MS later this week. Stay tuned, and thanks for looking to the community!
        - Shelby, Team

        1. Hi , just wanted to follow up and share this special section we recently posted on our site with some helpful information about COVID-19 as well as self-care tips during this time:

          Hope it's helpful to you! Thinking of you
          - Shelby, Team Member

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