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Could I have MS?

Hello, I’m a 19-year-old male, and I’m really scared I might have MS. I have recently been having a weird tingling feeling on the back of my head, and I can sometimes feel it in my right eye. I don’t have any vision problems or numbness in any part of my body. It’s just this irritating tingling feeling. Has anyone else had this symptom? And does anyone know if this could be a sign of MS? My parents told me I don’t have to see a doctor because it’s probably just stress, but I know that’s not the reason. Please help!

  1. Hi Azim, it's so hard to say from just a description. It could be, but it could no be too. If you have enough concern to research it, then you should definitely go to a doctor. It's always better to get something checked out and have the peace of mind of knowing. Always go with your gut, if it warns you something might be wrong, better to go check it out.

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