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Does anyone feel like there are creepy crawlies on their head?

It feels like a spider landed on my head yet there isn't one.

  1. Hi pamrudny, that sensation is called formication. I found an article which mentions this on the NIH site, check the section headed Differential diagnosis. I hope that helps till some other members weigh in. We're glad you're here! - Warmly, Donna ( team)

    1. Thanks Donna...I will check that out.

    2. You're most welcome, pamrudny! I hope it helps. -Warmly, Donna ( team)

  2. hi pamrudny.

    how awful is that!?!?
    i know...but i never knew it had a name.
    I've cut my hair short; I've colored it; a new brush...maybe two.
    a new shampoo!! no shampoo!! another different haircut!!
    more gabbapentin!!
    head massage ... by another! is great!!

    good luck to you...

    1. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone or crazy.

  3. Hi pamrudny,

    These creepy crawling sensations can also be altered sensations, called paresthesias, that commonly affect people with MS. When I get fatigued or rundown, I have the sensation of a piece of cotton or thin gauze on the left side of my face near my eye. It can drive me crazy.

    Medications can help to reduce these odd sensations, so you should definitely mention this to your neurologist. Here is a bit more we have on paresthesias -

    Lisa, moderator

    1. Thanks for the info. Gabapentin helps.

  4. I started having these sensations on my head a few months ago...itching. A spot at a time but all over my head. It made me think, jeez, is my hair filthy--no it isn't, so what's going on with my scalp?!! I've just been a scratchin not even thinking it was an MS thing!! I guess because it was a spot here a spot there, jumping from place to place as opposed to a singular area having something weird going on, caused me to not think it was possibly one more thing to add to the MS list!! I feel better knowing tho, that I probably don't have bugs!

    1. You don't have bugs though bugs you get rid of. New day new sensation...never anything good. Good luck .

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