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Dental professionals on occlusal changes in MS research

As practicing general dentist I’ve noticed that one of the first symptoms on undiagnosed yet patients is sudden dental occlusion ( bite) changes. They develop often pretty severe TMD ( temporomandibular disorder) symptoms. Sometimes occlusal guards we make don’t fit next day. Referral to check on MS usually confirms diagnosis. I cannot find much literature about it. Is there any research in this area?

  1. What an interesting insight, Hvcard! While I know TMJ has been discussed within this particular community, I do not know how widely recognized the correlation between dental health and MS has been studied. Here is a recent article on TMJ and other jaw issues and MS that you may find interesting -- Thanks for sharing and I would be very interested to see what further research in this area reveals. Being able to "flag" dental patients for MS screening through a dental exam could potentially save a lot of time and money! Thanks again for sharing! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. actually just heard that MS itself and the meds involved can cause really bad cracks and decay.....i am one of long ago as 5 years ago my dentist had the balls to ask me if I was a Meth smoker! there was a recent study in the UK but can't find it...anybody else out there have really bad teeth due to not them self? I have very few whole teeth left!

      1. The exact same thing happened. A true symptom of MS is Brittle teeth Syndrome. It's real...Google it!!!!

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