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Describe MS hug

I hear the term MS Hug. Please describe how it feels. I think I have it.

  1. Hi Donna! The MS hug is experienced in various ways. It can feel like a tight band is squeezing your waist, or you might feel it higher up around your chest, making it difficult to breathe, or other variations on that theme. Cathy Chester, one of our MS patient experts, wrote an article addressing this symptom, here's the link:

    Hope you are feeling better, I see that you posted this about a week ago. --Kim, moderator

    1. Yeah. I hate that hug thing. Hug seems like a terrible name for this seeing as hugs are supposed to be nice. The " hug" I experience is quite painful. It hurts into my chest. It is more of an upper back one.😢

      1. I don't really know if it is "the hug". My sensation is burning, tearing, and stabbing around my back along the bottom band of my bra down to my lower back. I get relief laying down, taking a couple OTC pain killers (advil) and relaxing.

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