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What to expect at my disability hearing?

I’m 46 years old and no longer able to work on a daily basis. Cognitive, severe fatigue, sight, most importantly words, come out wrong – “embarrassing.” Denied twice already. I have a hearing set for March 9th. Can you guys tell me what to expect at my hearing??

- Sherry

  1. Hi Sherry, I haven't had a hearing, but the I know the process is very rough. People routinely are denied, even multiple times, before being accepted. Don't think of that as a reflection on you, that's just the system. If this doesn't go well, I highly recommend getting a disability lawyer, even to help fill out the paperwork, it can make a huge difference. Good luck!

    1. Devin,
      Thanks for reply this time I did get a lawyer to help me because, most people look at me and say “no way you can be sick you look great”! I guess I fake it to make my motto...

      1. Sherry, My husband has MS and was denied several times before his hearing. We did not have a lawyer but represented ourselves. We live in Virginia in case that makes a difference. The judge was very kind, but even so, it was somewhat intimidating.

        In our case, Lynn was in a wheelchair, unable to do hardly anything for himself by the time we had a hearing, so it was pretty easy to get approved. Even so, it had taken us three years to get to a hearing.
        Once there, all we had to do in court was say when he stopped being able to drive so our situation may be very different from yours.

        While lawyers are expensive, they are not intimidated by the court system, and that is a benefit in having them with you. What the judge looks for is whether you are truly unable to work in any capacity in the job you are trained to do or in any similar type of job and the likelihood of that being permanent. They look at how long you have been unable to work to determine when you are eligible for benefits. If you meet all those criteria, your chances are good to get something, but you MUST have good documentation with you ready to hand over. I had all his medical records related to limitations that affected job performance and his job description and dates he lost abilities to function labeled and ready to hand to him as he asked for them.
        It's not about how you look; it's about what documentation you bring with you. Good luck and let us know how it turns out. Donna Steigleder moderator

        1. Donna,
          I so, appreciate time taken to tell me your experience with disability system. I filed all my paperwork myself, until my letter came requesting a hearing unfortunately, now in NC attorney has to represent you. With our hearing system so back logged its a way for attorneys to insure profit. Only thing my representative will do is talk on my behalf I completed all paperwork! Thanks again

          One other thing regarding, your husband I have been on Tysabri monthly infusion for last 7 yrs. One of the guys that usually has his infusion, with me was in a wheelchair 2 yrs ago. He started taking CBD oil hemp daily and within a week he could walk again. I ask my MD and on drug test it will read, false positive and was told to purchase it for chronic pain. Currently he has cut his pain meds down to just at night for me and my liver that would be great ! I know this isn’t relevant l, to what was ask but, if I had not seen it for myself how he changed drastically. Finally, I hope I didn’t offend you by suggesting for me I will try it to have a normal life again

          Sherry Byrd

        2. , no offense at all. Each of us needs to do what is right for our own health and well being and if you feel something may work for you, especially something supported by your doctor, then go for it and I wish you the best. You never know, it may be your answer. I also wish you only good fortune with your disability hearing. May the New Year be THE Best for you.

      2. May yours be blessed as well! I just pray for a cure for all of autoimmune disease. Truly, we live in the days of the “plague” seems as if new found diseases are discovered often. Cures are rare because of $ pharmaceuticals will profit at our expense...

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