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Do I have MS

Can anyone help? Sorry long memo ahead.
Im sure I have MS with symptoms I get and today I also feel so woozy like I've had drugs! Can anyone relate? Also get feeling in ear like a bug buzzing?
I already have Occipital Neuralgia (nerve pain) and have neurostimulator implanted and can't have MRIs. I have had nerve damage too. Recently I feel I have symptoms of MS. I was in hospital few months ago with bulged disk pressing nerve on spine and couldn't walk. Im awaiting a nerve conduction test as 1 leg has pins and needles and the other leg doesn't feel right. Ive also just had painful shoulders which the scan showed chronic bursitis and tendonitis which I had cortisone and only worked for 2 weeks. I am weeing more frequently and getting blurred vision a few months ago it started and initially I thought the lens had fallen out my glasses until I realised it was my sight. I can not sleep even with sleep tablets. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Hi, ! I am sorry you are experiencing all these symptoms. As a random aside, my husband had an incident with a bulging disc that left him temporarily paralyzed and required months of PT to learn to re-walk again. That was 12 years ago and he still experiences some pins and needles feelings in his feet from time to time and increased urgency with urination. That said, combined with your other issues, it sounds like something is definitely going on in your body that needs to be addressed. Have you talked with your physician about what you are experiencing.

    A neurologist can use a lumbar puncture, among other tests, to diagnose MS, especially if an MRI is not an option. Here is some information on the battery of tests a physician will use to diagnose MS. Keep in mind, that the MRI is important but not essential to achieve a diagnosis -- Also, there are a number of conditions that share MS symptoms and you may want to make sure none of those conditions are what you are dealing with --

    If you have an eye doctor, he/she may be able to help you troubleshoot what is going on with your vision and I know that some of our members have actually received an 'unofficial' MS diagnosis after a visit with a knowledgeable eye specialist.

    I do hope others who have experienced your symptoms see your post and jump into the conversation here, because I know you are definitely not alone in what you are experiencing.

    Keep us posted on how you are doing and what you learn from your physician, if you feel comfortable doing so.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Hi NATSTA11,

      not totally convinced it's MS myself. All you have mentioned could be a result of your spinal issues. Do autoimmune diseases run in your family? Mum or Dad etc?

      1. I have no family history to go on. All the symptoms for MS I am portraying and have been prior to MS being mentioned. I have nerve issues hence the neurostimulator and what I read mentions the nerve dysfunction?

        1. , I bet you are much more knowledgeable about your neurostimulator than I am, but one of the potential side effects is some level of nerve dysfunction. I think it's smart that you are keeping an eye on this and getting some testing done, just to be safe and hopefully get some answers (and possible solutions). Best, Erin, Team Member.

      2. Hard one to pinpoint really. If you had some family history of autoimmune disease that would add a piece to the puzzle but the symptoms you have mentioned you could mount a case for MS or for somethings else. Keeps us in the loop as you go along something might get mentioned that paints a clearer picture.

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