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Do i need to explore this further

I just wanted to apologize for this in advance im just looking for peace of mind. A quick introduction. Im an 18yo male with no other diagnosed illnesses who used to play sports at the junior national levels up until pandemic hit. I decided to focus on my academic career then. I started working out in 2022 and built a lot of muscle up until a bicep strain in October. I never returned to the gym but regained almost full strength. fast forward to February of 2023. I noticed one day that i could not bear any amount of weight on my legs. My knees seemwd to give away forwards. Same day i noticed that i could not flex my right calf for more than a second. Itd just ball up as jelly. I was able to flex it 2 days later but between those 2 days my whole life changed. I noticed my thighs and buttocks went soft. I couldnt sit comfortably on hard surfaces. My legs seemed extremely stiff and worn out. Then started the twitching. It began in my left calf and moved to both legs. Soon arms, neck, shoulders, everywhere. I had blood tests that came out negative for anything thyroid related or anemia/thalassemia. Thats when i knew this was bad. I knew i had to consult neuro. In between this i had my electrolytes checked and i was dehydrated and started on ors therapy, vitamin tablets. It seemed to provide a temporary relief. At this point i was concerned about an MND. The neuro consult took place 2 weeks into my symptoms. Along with the twitching, weakness, atrophy around my legs. I told the doctor about a tremor on my wrists, specifically my thumbs. He checked my strength, excellent. He checked my reflexes, 2+, no clonus and concluded that i was dehydrated/symptoms were a result of a possible post viral syndrome. (I had the flu for 3 days, 2 weeks prior to my symptoms) so after this i stopped worrying about MND. Its been a few weeks now. I havent noticed failure but i have been living extremely poorly compared to how i was before. This illness has completely destroyed me. I cant walk up or down stairs without my legs trembling. I can’t clench my teeth and look up without a tremor. I occasionally have burning sensations on my feet. Its not a painful sensation its just slight heat. I also feel feverish towards night almost everyday. Im just asking if this seems familiar in any way. Is this how the disease starts out? Its been more than a month now. I do have good days but im much much weaker than i was before.

  1. Hi . I am sure it is frustrating to go through all that testing and still have no diagnosis. I am a bit surprised the neurologist didn't order an MRI. Since your symptoms are persisting, you might want to consider getting a second opinion, maybe from an MS specialist. The National MS Society has a tool for finding one in your area. Here is a link: Insurance generally covers second opinions and you shouldn't need a new referral. Here is another article about health conditions that mimic MS that might interest you: You know your body. If you feel something more than dehydration is going on, you are probably right. Unfortunately, you will probably have to advocate for yourself. It is too easy for doctors to throw up their hands and pass you on to someone else if they can't figure out the issues quickly. If your symptoms become debilitating or they make you worry for your safety, please go to the ER. At least there they will likely run tests that will tell them more. I hope this helps and that you get answers and relief. Keep us posted if you don't mind. I will be thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hi, ! I really can't add on to what Lori already wrote, but I wanted to offer some extra support and let you know that we are thinking of you as you deal with all of this. And, as Lori stated, please keep us posted on how you're doing, if you don't mind doing so.

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. I was confused about the mri as well but my neurologist apparently has experience with ms patients and people who complained about similar symptoms. He said i was clinically strong and the fact that i walked into his office was enough proof I didn’t have an MND. He concluded that there was no need for further testing. When i mentioned the tremor he checked my hands while i had them raised and said he did not notice anything. He told me to ignore the twitching which significantly did decrease later on but my lower left eyelid constantly twitches throughout the day. I know i seemed erratic but i dont know what im experiencing here. On one hand it’s nothing crazy like ms patients do talk about: Crazy jerks and major tremors and major sensory issues. I am trying to convince myself its my diet, sleep and anxiety. For my sensory symptoms, i had somewhat tingling and my legs would go extremely cold and then switch to hot. This happened only during the first 2 weeks but then it seemed to improve. So far im dealing with weakness around my knees and hamstrings. Minor tremors in my thumbs and twitching randomly. I honestly feel like im wasting so many people’s time when i talk about this because like i said i was healthy up until last year and this hit me like a rock

        1. The idea that you don't have MS simply because you are able to walk into his office is laughable, , or rather it would be if it were not so dangerously ignorant. My father had MS for a good 30 years before he was officially diagnosed. When he was between what we now know were relapses, he ran regularly and played basketball. Many, many of our members are physically strong. One of my close friends was diagnosed at 20 years old after an episode of optic neuritis. She does not exercise during relapses, but you would never guess she has MS between relapses. She is now 40 years old, fit and director of a large department in a big school district. Please get a second opinion from someone who really and truly knows MS. Please get that second opinion and keep us posted. I wish you'd had a better doctor to begin with, but not all neurologists are equally knowledgeable about MS. - Lori (Team Member)

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