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Do you have aching feet?

I have developed aching feet! I don't even have to be on my feet for long periods of time until they just start pounding on the bottom of my feet so acute that I have to find a place to sit down. I am very active. I walked 4.5 miles 3-4 times a week and am very active the other days. I have had plantar fascitis in the past and still have problems on/off with that but this is something different; plus it's both feet. It's hard not to blame everything on MS so I just thought I would ask if anyone else has this problem and what do you do for it? I didn't know I was suffering from "MS hug" - not diverticulities- until I read about the symptoms here which were exactly what I was experiencing. Even if there is nothing I can do about it, it just helps to know if that's potentially what it is.

  1. Yes and yes. Mostly at night. Hard to explain to anyone else. It feels unbearable at times . For me it is worse if I do too much. Really bothersome at night.

    1. Freedom, thank you for your response. Mine is not specific to certain times of the day but it does seem more acute if I am on my feet a lot. To me it is like nerve pain. Hot, stabbing like needles pain. Nothing really helps other than just get off my feet and maybe elevation although that is not always possible

      1. Hi Sheila0313,
        So sorry for the delay in response, but I just wanted to share some information with you! Here are some types of pain associated with MS; Like you said, it may not be MS related, but it would certainly be something to discuss with your physician. He or she may even refer you to a different type of doctor to rule anything else out. Although not always possible to put your feet up, we are glad that you have found a way to help it!
        Best - Meagan, Team Member

        1. Yes I have aching soles right now! Have experienced them since diagnosis and are worse in the cold and when I’m not well. They feel stiff especially first thing in the morning. It takes a while to get them mobile.

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