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Does Plegridy affect conception?

My husband just started treatment using Plegridy (peginterferon beta-1a), and we have been trying to conceive. We have been told by one doctor it is safe to keep trying while he's in treatment, and then another one will tell him no, it can affect his swimmers and in turn affect the baby. Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and can let us know their experience? Thank you in advance.

  1. Hi @kayt.g06, thanks for your question! I commend you for seeking multiple opinions from your doctors, and for researching this information for yourself. According to Plegridy's website, it is not yet known if Plegridy will harm your unborn baby and it is best to speak with a health care provider if you plan to become pregnant:
    I know that is not very helpful since that is what you did and you received differing views. Sometimes it's worth seeking out a third or even a fourth opinion, if that's an option for you. I hope others here will share personal experiences with you as well.

    Again, thank you for reaching out and please continue to keep us posted as you go through this, if you feel comfortable doing so! Best wishes, Shelby, Team Member

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