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Does this sound familiar?

Have you ever just rolled your neck, side to side, maybe to release tension and feel, almost hear, what seems to be "rocks" in your neck?
Like a grinding feeling but, I don't know how else to describe it... hmm, have you ever run your hands through sand, and pebbles, and have that feeling, gritty, rubbing against each other... but, in your -neck-!?
I get this, a lot.

  1. , I do! When I perform that action for my neurologist there is always a grinding, popping sound. She explained that I have a herniated neck disc that juts against the nerve root causing stenosis, and calcified (arthritic) vertebrae above and below that rub together, bone on bone, causing those strange noises.

    1. oh my goodness.
      So, I suppose I should have mentioned this stuff to my Doctor. The problem is, I hate being a burden to ppl, so when "little" things pop up, I just "ignore them" and not bother anyone... and then it leads to more pain.

      Ok, since you have this... you need to picture this. Or, maybe follow along.

      If you place your finger just below your skull, right where your spine and your skull connect, do you ever get this pain, like a spike is being slammed into your skull, right from that area, and explodes into your head?

      I get this, and it hurts so much. It's blinding. I have fainted, I have thrown up at times. Almost each time that it has happened, I lose my sight for a few mins, and I ALWAYS, always feel this horrible breath taking pain...

      Ever feel something like that?

  2. Ach, first of all--no I have not had such an excruciating, scary experience by applying pressure there--and second, you really need to report that to your doctor. This would be one of those circumstances where burdening people is precisely the thing you should do.

    1. Hi Nferia,
      I do as well. That sounds very familiar, but for me it's muscular- skeletal related, and not related to the m.s.
      I read the complete thread and what extreme symptoms this is bringing out in you!
      Absolutely..Kim's advice is so spot on! Don't be timid or even think for a moment that your symptoms are ever a burden! You know your body best and sometimes have to be your own best advocate.

      I would also encourage you, (if you haven't yet) to make an appointment with your doctor and have him/her examine you and take this info.

      Please keep us posted on this... Janus

      1. Sorry I have not updated in a while. I have not been myself lately. The depression has been strong in this one.
        I won't be able to see my new doctor til Jan 21st. My kids 21st birthday lol.
        I will update as soon as I can. xx

        1. Hello, Nferia, I'm so glad you checked in with us! I'm sorry you're feeling depressed. This is a time of year when we can feel more stressed and depressed than usual, what with the holidays triggering lots of emotions. I hope seeing your new doctor will give you a mood boost and instill some confidence and hope, not to mention a treatment plan. Please come back again and let us know how the appointment went. Enjoy the holidays and take good care of you. We care! Best, Kim

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