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Do others find driving a problem?

Huge newbie here. I was a good, if lead-footed, driver. Change was slow, now my spouse and child will not ride w/me. And I no longer venture out of town anymore.

Do others find driving a problem? Both my twitchiness on steering AND gas pedal, also cog fog. No mass transit, disabled 2005. Now my last vestige of independence-so much to deal with on top of other chronic illnesses. Thanks.

  1. Hi , I do find driving a problem, to the point where it's very rare that I drive. It's a horrible loss of independence, but , for me, I know it's the right and responsible thing to do. If you want, you can read more about my driving experience here:

    1. Thanks Devin.
      Yes, my outings alone are rare-3 miles to grocery, pharmacy. No transit-rural MS.
      Thank goodness my husband is a hyper errand-running guy!
      I used to love to drive the dirt roads in the spring with some old rock n roll cranked!!! I bet my daughter would drive for me many things to figure out how to live without.....I DO write a gratitude list daily (5). And I always find more than 5.
      Thanks again
      Will read your last nk

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