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Has anyone else had "earthquake" sensations?

For the past year I have been experiencing an intermittent "buzzing" sensation that feels like it's coming from inside of my body (as if someone attached a cellphone to my tailbone). I thought that was weird enough, but over the past couple of months I have now been experiencing what feels like an external shaking sensation lasting about 10-15 seconds on days that the internal "buzzing" is particularly bad. Usually it starts with one swift "kick" (as if someone ran into the bedpost/couch that I'm lying on), followed by what feels like an external coarse "shaking" sensation underneath my body.

I do have an intention tremor, but this isn't observable and only takes place when I'm lying down. If anyone has experienced real earthquakes, this is weirdly specific, but it feels like it's around a 6.0. It feels so realistic that I texted my family to ask if they felt it only to discover I was actually bonkers.

Since I've now experienced it in multiple locations, I'm having to come to terms with the fact that this really is coming from my spine/brain and not some neighbor maniacally laughing while drilling washing machines into his ceiling. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced something like this.

  1. Hello, cp1090, YesI do and it usually happens just before I fall asleep.

    1. , I've had that sensation a few times, and each time it happened when I'm in bed and waking up. The bed feels like it's shaking beneath me as though there is an earthquake tremor. After I am fully awake for a few seconds, it stops. Finally I was convinced that it is an MS-related phantom sensation, much like those weird zaps, fits and starts, jerking and spasms and other weird sensations one can experience while falling asleep, as Contalita mentioned. Thank you for posting your experience. As you can see, you are not alone! --Kim, moderator

      1. Yes!
        Mine are more like short 3.0 earthquakes. They are so similar to the feeling of actual quakes that at first I didn't connect them to my MS.

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