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MS and family/friends. Do they "get it" and how has that impacted you?

Being diagnosed with MS can be pretty alienating. At times, it feels like you can only "get" MS if you get MS. Sometimes, no matter how much someone who doesn't have MS reads about the disease, it can still feel like they don't understand. That's if they take the time to try, not everyone takes the time to learn about our illness and that can be frustrating.

I am somewhat lucky (if you can call it that) that many of my family and friends had some knowledge of MS because my grandfather had it and we cared for him. Even with that knowledge, I have still experienced issues with them (having to cancel often and also not traveling much has been problematic at times and make me pretty bummed). I've done my best to educate them over the years (usually by sending articles from this very site) and I think that has certainly helped them understand more. So I can't imagine what it must be like to have someone not take the time to learn even the basics of MS.

So how about you? Do your friends/family understand your MS? Have they taken the time to learn? Have you helped them learn? How has their attitude toward your illness impacted you?

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