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Does anyone else find that exercise leads to more fatigue?

I’ve had MS since 2015. I am wondering has anyone had the same or similar experience as me in this regard? (I’m sure I’m not the only one).

Recently I have made it a point to exercise every day, whether it is taking a walk, riding my bike or the recumbent bike we have in our living room. I’m not pushing myself to the point of breathlessness, or trying to beat some record - I am just getting up and doing something besides laundry and dishes.

Mentally it has helped me with my depression but I have experienced more fatigue than ever. I am sleeping so much longer and harder than I have in quite some time - Which counteracts any depression lifting benefits I get from exercising. Has anyone else had the same experience? I have done yoga but it doesn’t have the same endorphin releasing benefits that dynamic exercise does. Thank you.

  1. This is ironic that I should come across this just now. I have an appointment in 3 hours which is 40 minutes from where I live.
    I just came indoors from shoveling snow off of our deck. The fatigue is now overwhelming to the point I'm wondering if I can keep my appointment. Happens all the time. You're definitely not alone !

    1. Whatthemsnow and Janus, Thanks to both of you for bringing up this topic. Fatigue is a battle that is constant for many people with MS and many factors can act triggers, including exercise. Here's an article we have from our site on fatigue that you may find helpful in managing Fatigue.

      While exercise does sometimes lead to fatigue the benefits of it often helps fight fatigue and spasticity as well as depression so it's a balance as to when and how you exercise.

      I look at it like this for my husband who is the one with MS: I tell him that each day he needs to envision that he gets up with a certain number of pennies in his bank account that day. Each penny represents the total amount of energy he's granted for the day. He can use his pennies on anything but EVERYTHING he does (talk, walk, eat, think, move) uses his pennies and once they are gone, he's done for the day so he must use his pennies wisely. For example:
      If you're going to shovel snow then chances are, all pennies will be used up in a few minutes and you won't have anything left till the next day. It's a good image to help you monitor your own use of energy. Donna Steigleder

      1. I definitely get exhausted for days after I exercise. I was going to ask my neurologist if the benefits of exercise outweigh the negative side effects such as exhaustion and pain

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