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Fatigue and MS

How would you describe your MS fatigue?

How has it impacted your life?

  1. Fatigue has changed everything in my life. Many days I feel like I accomplish absolutely nothing because my body just can't move.

    1. cmj oh I am glad you truly shared how you really feel. This modular home I live in which is Florida well like you said it's a pig sty. Guess what for someone who cared about how the house looked decorated around the holidays mowed the lawn cut the bushes painted the house outside there was nothing I did not do. Now I don't want to clean I don't give a crap I have no one to impress. The house is messy. I finally after maybe 8 weeks did the laundry. I washed sheets, blankets, bathroom rugs, and lots of clothes in one day. Yes I kind of felt good that I could keep going like that. The next day my legs or arms were not painful at all Hallelujah!!!! So don't feel bad because my bedroom is atrocious., but again when I get to it. Oh I will but can't say when.

    2. My fatigue was impacting my job. It was all encompassing and people I told thought I needed a nap, or the most infuriating response was that I needed to get to bed earlier. I talked to my neurologist and he prescribed amatadine. It works!

  2. I wish there was a different word for MS fatigue. It is a sickness well beyond tiredness or even malaise or flu like feeling. For me it is increasing as time goes on. I have had MS 15 yrs. and could fight this “fatigue”with regular exercise, diet, sleep, meds etc. But as I weaken it now consumes me.

    1. Yes! Fatigue doesn't even begin to describe this. A few weeks ago, my husband was feeling overwhelmed and uncharacteristically exploded at me, screaming, "I'm sick of this! Sick of all of this!" When I was able to get him to talk to me, he said that he found "four foot long cobwebs" in the dining room. Well, one, I don't see well, and two, when I walk through a room, I'm busy watching my feet so that I don't fall. It was a rough argument.

      It wasn't until I got MRI results that showed brain lesions that he's finally starting to understand that I'm not being lazy, that I'm struggling and doing the best I can, but the hardest part of this is that no one who supposedly loves me seems to understand. My daughter called me a hypochondriac. I wish I could trade bodies for just fifteen minutes, so that they could feel what I'm feeling; it's like an 80 mile an hour wind combined with a 5 point earthquake (thanks to tremor)... and add on the flu. I would say I'm tired, but that's just not accurate.

      I used to be an athlete, and I used to have a career. Now, I'm coping with legs and arms that don't seem to listen to what I want them to do. Therapy has helped a lot, even with the chronic pain.

    2. There is! It's called lassitude. Look it up.

  3. Extremely

    1. Your Dad was right I learned the same lesson by taking care of myom when I could hardly take care of of myself. Remember his words they are powerful and it will make you stronger.

  4. I feel tired all the time. I only work 3 days a week now and my days off I do nothing cause I'm sore and tired from work. I do a little housework, might take a nap in the afternoon and cook tea and that's me day done. I don't sleep well which doesn't help....

    1. I'm tired all the time and can't work! It consumes me as well ! Ugh!

    2. yes, the fact that many people with MS don't sleep well certainly doesn't make this situation any easier! - Alene, moderator

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