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Extreme exhaustion in arms and legs

I have extreme exhaustion not pins and needles or numbness .it hurts and i have to rest about 15 before I can go on. I have hdopler has been done on both legs, so it it is not a blockage in my lower extremities. My PVP thinks it is the MS but my neurologist does not think it is MS related. Does anyone else have this and how do you treat this?

  1. Hi Rosibaker50! I am sorry you are dealing with this issue. While I do not know of any members having described what you are experiencing, I will say that I know with MS, almost any nerve/pain/sensation symptom is on the table. While not exactly the same as what you described, I thought you could relate to the pain descriptions discussed in this article -- I would suggest discussing this more at length with your neurologist. Here is another piece discussing "weird" MS symptoms -- Many of our members have found some home methods that help with pain, but it's really best if your PCP and neurologist would be willing to discuss your symptoms more fully. I do hope you get some relief and thank you for reaching out! Know you are not alone in this. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I can identify with the tiredness you feel in your arms and having to rest. I told my G.P. that I think I have a circulation problem. She says she doesn't think so. I am disappointed she had to guess. She didn't offer me a doplar test. I am feeling angry now and going to see her next week and asking her for a doplar to eliminate any blockage. My arms are tired so is my legs tired also and I am having difficulty walking now. My legs have deteriorated and because I have the burning sensation many speak of here I am asking for a referral to a neurologist to eliminate certain problems and get an accurate diagnosis. My G.P. is saying my problems are arthritis related. I now want a second opinion and not guesswork. I do feel angry now as I feel so very tired. My legs are ceasing up. I can't do anything now. I have to sit down most of the time. I do have swollen legs and feet. Hugely swollen my legs feel like lead and I trip on stairs because I can't lift my feet up because they are heavy. I am concerned that something is seriously wrong that I am facing so much tiredness in my arms and even when I chew food I have to stop as I get a tiredness at the back of my neck. I don't know what more to do. Our health service is falling apart and I don't know if I will get me needs met.

      1. Yes, I have this exactly. My PCP has done the Doppler on both legs & is not concerned with it now. My neurologist says it is not MS related. The only one who listened was my pain management doctor. He tried back injections but they did not help. I am now convinced that it is MS related! All that helps, like you said, is resting!

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