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Eyes after Cataract surgery

8 mos ago I had my cataracts removed and I thought, wow! I will have perfect vision, NO,,,, at times I can't focus and get double vision.
MY MS doctor said I should be alright, bit I suppose my brain has a hard time adjusting to new Lenses. WILL my eyes ever allow me to see clear with the MS?

  1. Hi, !

    While my husband does not have MS, he did have cataracts surgery on both eyes. While his vision improved a great deal, he still needs to wear reading glasses. If you are experiencing double vision for much longer, I would definitely talk to your eye doctor about it, if you haven't done so already. It can take awhile for the double vision to ease and I hope your brain adjusts to the changes so you don't experience the double vision so much.

    In theory, you *should* experience much clearer vision, but every person recovers from surgery uniquely and MS does add another element to your recovery process.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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