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Family Doctor Diagnosis


I had an MRI almost two weeks ago, and received a call with an appointment for Oct 6th with a neurologist at the start of the week.

I had the MRI scans sent to my Family Doctor yesterday who gave me the news that he believes I have MS.

I have been researching the symptoms over the last few days and yes some are similar but I’ve read little about my most prominent symptom.

Around 6 weeks ago I started having floaters (small black dots and strings in my vision) this has been accompanied by progressive headaches over the last few weeks.

I do have a few other symptoms, numb lip, back pain, tingling in arms and face, sharp leg pain.

I will obviously see the neurologist in a couple of weeks, however I wanted to get thoughts and responses on if anyone else has had similar experiences?

  1. My 1st symptom pre-MS diagnosis was a burning pain in my upper back shoulder wing area. I also had floaters. It was a suspected MS diagnosis for me. A few weeks later I had a major MS attack but no formal diagnosis was made at that time. 6 months passed and after another major attack and I was then given a suspected MS diagnosis. I had my next attack 3 years later with an MRI confirmation of MS.

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