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Does anyone feel low and bored as a result of MS?

Does anyone feel low and bored sometimes because MS stops you doing some certain things??

  1. Lots and lots of time

    1. Is this normal? If I would say this yo someone without MS, they think I’m asking for pity or I’m not searching enough or negative etc.
      Before MS i was very active and played tennis 3x a week. I had MS then but i was still able to play and didn’t know i had MS. I was very social. Now no sport and social events are becoming a problem.
      I feel alone often and sad. I feel useless too.

      1. Hi ! I would say it's much more normal than people like to admit. For some reason, a lot of people hate say that they are feeling a bit depressed or they are feeling bored. It's perfectly natural to have these feelings, especially if you are going from an active lifestyle to one that is less so. It's not the end though, you aren't useless, it simply means that it's time to adapt, and to find a new passion. Not always easy, but it can be done, and be worthwhile. Always remember, that admitting feelings like this is difficult, but you are in no way alone in this.

        Here are a few related pieces of mine, that you've probably already read, but this topic reminded me of them:

        1. Thank you.
          I guess a trip to London did me good 😀 my son lives there now and we had to help him move his furniture. I decided to go out alone because my husband was at a conference. I felt good doing things again and venturing out in a big city. Did get MS sick from over doing it.

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