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Any tips for feeling overwhelmed just trying to do normal things?

Seems that doing simple things such as laundry are just overwhelming for me. I feel as I have become a lazy person as I sit in my apartment. I've thought of even paying someone to come get everything in order. I become angry with myself and stress sets in. Is this normal?

  1. Hi Sylvia! Thanks for your question! You are definitely not alone in feeling this way and it is completely normal. Some of our contributors have shared tips and tricks that make life with MS easier: Another piece I wanted to share has some tips to help you feel less overwhelmed and stressed: I hope some of these tips are helpful! Thank you for being a part of the community. We are here for you anytime! Best, Christine, Team Member

    1. For many of us, yup - it's normal. I used to have a friend who would come over once a month for a couple of hours just to get me organized. Then in a month we'd have to do it all over again. I also (through extended benefits) have a cleaner come in twice a month which helps a lot.

      Feeling overwhelmed is a feeling I constantly struggle with. If there is an MS Support Group near you, I'd try to attend. It's wonderful to be with people who can truly understand those feelings.

      The tips and articles shared above are great - I don't have much to add that way, but I did want you to know that you are not alone. You don't have to feel guilty about the way you feel. It's definitely a part of MS - one that is NOT fun.

      1. what type of extended benefits are you getting assistance with for help cleaning. I have had three falls in my bathroom and injured myself from cleaning it. Told my husband its his job we can guess that it doesn't look like i cleaned it! Im on ssdi, is it through them or other sources. please share.

    2. I discussed this with my Dr. a lot of my issue is i am so fatigued all the time and it makes it hard to get motivated to move, She put me on Modafinil which helps with the fatigue, it has help quit a bit ive only have been on it for two weeks but i seem to be getting more done and im no so tired. It is not a stimulant, or it does not seem to be,

      1. I have recently been prescribed Modafinil. I had high hopes. It does keep me up all night, but really doesn't address the fatigue. I feel like it is doing the opposite of the muscle relaxers, which have always zonked me out, so they are cancelling each other out.

      2. It must be frustrating when you are so fatigued, but unable to sleep at night, . Have you discussed the problem with your doctor to see whether there is another medication that might help? Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    3. Hello. Tasks for me feel overwhelming also. My best advice that "works" for me is one thing at a time strictly enforced. So you know what I do: laundry, prepare meals, grocery shop, water fruit trees, care for roses, mow 900 sq ft lawn, pull weeds, clean house, vacuum; dust, mop, and deliver my household refuse to the dump. I complete one thing per day. With my MS I can not walk. I use a rollater. I crawl to pull weeds. I use a push mower resting frequently. I found it will get done as I want and can complete. There isn't a rush. When I rush I fall.

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