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Do you find yourself really cold in air conditioning?

  1. Hi Lithulk,

    With any new or worsening symptoms, we recommend running them by your healthcare team. During the summer, air conditioners can be almost impossible to avoid. So we'd be curious to hear others' experiences dealing with them as well!


    Kelly, Team Member

    1. I have noticed that I deal with the same issues with air conditioning. It's difficult to get the temperature just right. Even though I have the AC on and it's over a 100 degrees outside, I tend to layer my clothes when I'm inside. It's a little frustrating because I'm constantly taking things on and off. There's one very strange symptom I experience... I almost always have the goosebumps. Unless I'm working out and exercising, they're almost always there. I tend to have horrible heat intolerance and thrive in the winter; it's easier for me to control my body temperature in the winter for some reason.
      You probably already know these things, but I thought I would share the layering part.

  2. Yup.

    I have a love/hate relationship with air conditioners. I'm one of those people who hates winter and the cold but loves the summer.

    Air conditioners can be ok if it's really hot out, but in general I prefer to open a window. I usually can't take too much air conditioning. If I fall asleep with it on I'll wake up shivering like it's winter and then the headaches begin.

    1. Hi, I have increased sensitivity to cold, especially on bare skin and my forearms. Even in summer I rarely wear short sleeved shirts and air con makes my forearms feel as though they've been put into blocks of ice.

      1. Yes. I sometimes need a sweater inside when it's 74 (AC on) and 95 outside. Temperature sensitivity is my wort symptom I seem to have the worst time dealing with,

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