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friend request, PM's etc.

I recently used the "friend request" feature, thinking it was a way to makes friends to converse with by private message or even email. I found out that they are working on such features but have yet to see any changes. I felt bad because the person I sent the request to replied back, accepting but I had no way to acknowledge it, frustrating!

I don't do the FB thing or twitter so I hope they get this feature up and running soon.

  1. Thank you for letting us know, Lisa M! I will pass this along to our tech team and hopefully, the feature will be working smoothly very soon. So sorry for any inconvenience this caused. Thank you again for letting us know! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Lonliness is a huge issue for me....I would love to converse with others like me....

      1. Hi Paula!

        It been forever since I asked about being able to PM friends, did they finally make it possible?! Hope so ; )
        I would be happy to chat with you.

        1. Hi there! If you go to you can enter a username to "Friend" another member, and then send them a message!

          Hope this helps!

          Margot, Team

      2. I still don't know how I can send a message to someone directly (rather than as a general comment visible to everyone).

        Also, when going to someone's profile, all I can see is the comments they posted, but no information about themselves. I'm maintaining some information in my personal profile and would think that others do the same, but I can only see my own profile, but nobody's else's...

        Also, just received an e-mail saying that I had received a friend request, and that I could respond to it by going to my profile dashboard. However, there it says that there are no pending requests...

        Generally, I would like to be able to chat with folks on here, but don't know how...

        or create an account to reply.