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Getting back in

After 18 yrs out of the work force, I'm trying to get back in. (Just a few hours a week, due to fatigue.) In order to reinstate my professional license, I need to take 12 hours of graduate courses. This was very exciting to me until I discovered it will cost approx. $6000.00 to do this. The whole reason, besides wanting to work again, to do this is to MAKE, not SPEND money. With one income (my husband's) and 2 kids in college, we have none to spare! Does any one know of scholarships available to help those of us who need further education? Financial Aid is not available since I am applying as a non-degree seeking student. MS has taken enough from me; it's frustrating to think that now that I feel able to help my family financially again, I might not be able to!

  1. Hi bandmom,

    I just checked the National MS Society's scholarship program and as you probably have already learned, it is only for first-time undergraduate students. There is a different scholarship available to people affected by MS, but it is also specified for undergraduate students. But I wonder if there may be exceptions to either program eligibility criteria. It is worth asking.

    Or, maybe your children may be able to apply for these scholarships which might free up a bit more money to pay for your own continuing education.

    Good luck!

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