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Gold Nanocrystal Remyelination Phase 2 Clinical Trial Update – End of Treatment

Hello. Quick update on progress since my last posting on April 24.

Still no negative side effects and am feeling good. My only noticeable MS symptoms remain varying numbness in right fingers, double vision when I look 30-40 degrees to my left, and minor issues with balance and right foot drop after being active for too long. I will be wrapping up my dosing in a couple weeks and will be heading back to UT Southwestern for follow-up MRI’s and various tests – blood work, physical, cognitive, walking, etc. They have been great to work with and recommend that if you have the time and interest to reduce MS symptoms and feel better, that you should consider participating in this trial study. I definitely can quantify my improvement. Since the start of the trial, I tested my walking speed regularly. I'm now 14% faster covering 1/2 mile. I’ve even been able to do short 5-10 yard jogs without falling - which was impossible 3 months ago. I've also continue to experience improved visual acuity, zero cognitive "fog" issues, and increased energy levels. The drug is made by Clene Nanomedicine.

Info on study and contact details are here:

  1. That is wonderful news, ! I hope this treatment proves beneficial for all MS patients. We really appreciate the updates. Keep them coming! I hope you continue to improve as your dosing comes to an end. Sending loads and loads and loads of positivity your way! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. , I'm so glad you've been willing to take us on your journey through this trial. I hope this trial proves successful and it can proceed to the next stage of trials. Please do keep us posted as you note any changes after the trial, if you feel comfortable doing so.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience with the community!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. Thanks for sharing this information. This is a trial I had not heard of before but will definitely read more. UT Southwestern is a great MS site and your initial results are promising. - Laura, MSnet moderator

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