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Has anyone heard of an anti-inflammatory medication?

Has anyone heard of & possibly tried this anti-inflammatory med used in Japan? It’s also known to supposedly treat MS... want ask my neuro about it. I’m game to try ANYTHING to help us.

  1. Called ibudilast.......

    1. Hi Mike-I’ve never heard of it, but just wanted to say I thought you are very brave for being so open to trying what ever may be available. I’ve been on Avonex, mostly on than off, but a couple of years ago tried Tecfidera. It was so utterly painful, And other assorted side effects, I just couldn’t bear it- and I’m a tough ole bird-I can tolerate a lot of pain...up to a point, as anyone. But I had to stop the Tecfidera and go back to Avonex. It was such an awful experience, it would take a Lot to convince me to try something different at this point.
      But, I support you Mike, in your endeavors to forge ahead bravely!

      1. Hi Petie
        Glad the Avonex has been cooperative with you. It gave me flu like symptoms when I took it so its longevity wasn’t long with me. The orals : Gilenya, Aubagio & Tecfidera were just OK. No side effects. I relapsed within 6 months of taking each of them so they were also short lived. Tysabri for 2 years then doc said no more because of PML scare. I did well with that med too. Misc times with solumedrol in between meds. No side effects. Did an IVIG stint for about a year or so then onto Rituxan for about 2 & a half years. Then relapsed. Requested Tysabri again so started, 2nd dose done 2 days ago. Like I said, I am not afraid to try anything. Side effects have never given me a problem. Been lucky with that I guess...... good luck Petie with forging on with Avonex Hope you continue doing well.... .....Mike

      2. Tecfidera was too difficult for me to tolerate also. tysabri was best but i suppose we are all different dennis

    2. t think there is a new test to tell if you are are risk for pml even with presence of pml antibodies on tysabri. dennis

      1. new test available to assign risk of tysabri and pml for those having pml antibodies

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