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Who has had a child after being diagnosed with MS?

My MS is no longer progressing, thank goodness. I do want to have another child. Doctor says I can. I want to know who has had a child after being diagnosed with MS? How can I get myself ready, and what to expect after labor? Thank you.

  1. Hi LadyChellie - great questions! I'm sure many in the community have similar questions or have dealt with pregnancy after diagnosis, and I hope they will chime in. I'm so glad to hear that your MS is no longer progressing, and the prospect of a new baby is so exciting. One of our contributors, Cathy, wrote about tips she learned through pregnancy and I wanted to share that with you in case it helps: Another advocate, Calie, shares about her labor experience here: I hope they can answer a few of your questions!
    -Alina, Team Member

    1. Thank you

  2. Hi ! I was diagnosed at 14, and I had my son at 24. We are actually currently trying for baby number 2. My first piece of advice if you haven't already is to talk with your doctor more about how best to handle your MS while trying to become pregnant and while pregnant as well. I was taking Gilenya, so our first plan of action was to stop taking that so that we could safely conceive. My pregnancy with my son was wonderful, and I did not experience hardly any MS symptoms at all. My biggest piece of advice to prepare for labor is once again to keep in communication with your doctor about what plan is right for you with your MS, and to remain as strong and active as possible. Wishing you the best on your pregnancy journey! If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out!

    -Calie, Team Member

    1. Thank you so much, you give me hope.

    2. Thank you

  3. I can't imagine. I have a daughter with challenges but not MS. She now has a new kidney and feels great. Each day there were things to make me smile and she still does. I can sympathize and know each day can be so hard. Find funny programs, movies etc so you can laugh and find what likes to laugh. Laughing is wonderful medicine.

    1. Thank you so much

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