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My insurance won't fully cover my meds anymore

Having trouble getting my medication insurance doesn’t want to pay for my Tecfidera anymore so they sent me a list of what they do cover and me and my doctor picked out vumerity and it has a $397.00 co pay I can’t afford that Anyone else have any ideas

  1. I am sorry you are in this situation, ! I hate when people have to deal with these insurance issues!

    First, I know it may be too late for this, but your doctor may be able to file an appeal on your behalf and explain why Tecfidera is the best medication for you. Sometimes, that works.

    Secondly, would you qualify for a co-pay assistance program, or have you automatically been rejected? The company that makes Vumerity (Biogen) does have a copay assistance program that people with insurance can apply for, so you may want to see if you qualify -- and Also, there is an organization that provides assistance for people needing financial help paying for treatments, medications, and transportation to appointments. They may be able to help -- I hope this information is helpful for you and that one of these programs is able to help offset the cost of treatment.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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