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Does anyone ever feel that the chest is heavy like something's on it but it’s not?

  1. Hi . Could it be the MS Hug? It can be quite painful, like someone is tightening a band or girdle around your chest. Pressure on the chest can also be a sign of a heart attack though, so it is best to call your doctor and get checked out. I hope you get some relief from it soon. Best wishes! Lori (Team Member)

    1. I thought that but I’ve had sharp pain in my chest but recently it’s just feel like something heavy is on my chest

      1. Hi Nina! That is something you should certainly bring to your doctor's attention. Heaviness is a classic sign of heart disease, but it can also be caused by Covid-19, anxiety and a few other medical conditions. Please see a doctor as soon as possible and let me know how you are doing. I will be thinking of you! - Lori (Team Member)

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