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What MS symptom has the most impact on your life?

We can experience a wide range of symptoms with MS, and each of us is a bit different. So, as we cruise into the final week of MS Awareness month, I'd love to hear which symptom impact you the most!

  1. Fatigue

    1. That's my worst one too. It's what put me on disability 20 ys ago.

    2. Fatigue and heat intolerance is the worst for me!!! I hate both and they are a part of my life on a daily!!

  2. Optic neuritis and “cog fog”

    1. Fatigue. Blurred vision. Fatigue!

      1. Fatigue has been the worst for me.

        1. You are not alone ! Thank you for taking the time to share. - Shelby, Team Member

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