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hello i’m new here

Hello i just had my MRI done so i’m current waiting on my results. Currently the left side of my face,mouth tounge and top of my head is numb. i’ve been this way for two months and it’s not getting better. i also get a sensation under my left eye like something is crawling on my face. has this happened to anyone? It stresses with pressure that felt painful in my neck and went to the top of my head drs said it was a migraine but i’ve had migraines before and that wasn’t it. any feed back would be appreciated thank you 🙂

  1. it started with pressure i meant 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Hi, ! And my apologies for not seeing your post and responding earlier! I am also sorry you are experiencing these symptoms. How did the MRI go? I know some people don't mind them at all while others find them a bit nerve wracking. How long do you have to wait for the results of the MRI?

      I hope you get some feedback from other community members, as the symptoms you described are sometimes experienced in people with MS. I also suffer from migraines and haven't experienced the symptoms you are experiencing, but is it possible your migraine symptoms are shifting? Hopefully, the MRI can rule that out. A physician will want to rule out other conditions that share symptoms with MS. You can read a little about those conditions here --

      And, while an MRI is a very important diagnostic tool, have you had any other testing done, like bloodwork (that won't help diagnose MS, but it can help diagnose other conditions) or a physical exam and a neurological exam?

      I know the waiting can be such a tough part of this whole journey and I hope you don't have to wait long and that your results offer a clear diagnosis, whatever it may be!

      Keep us posted (if you feel comfortable doing so) and feel free to ask more questions, if you have any!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. Hi . I am just checking in to see whether you have received MRI results yet or a diagnosis of any kind. I hope your symptoms have improved since your post. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

  2. Hi! I'm Beth, and was diagnosed October 1, 2011 (a date I'll never forget), but am pretty sure that I had been dealing with it for a lot longer. As I continue to look back over my life and have random memories of events in it, I become more certain that it has just been growing slowly over the years, culminating in the diagnosis of 2011. I've gone from having a basically normal life, being able to do whatever I wanted to do: sing, act, type, play piano, play handbells, shop, walk, go up and down stairs, stand to cook, clean my house, drive, write legibly, sew, do embroidery, be the football team Mom, travel with the cheerleaders to tournaments, be a substitute teacher, make and sell my own brand of BBQ Sauce, move around without a cane, walker, wheelchair or scooter, take an actual bath in a tub and a have a shower without a bench or seat, feel my feet without numbness and tingling, not feel too hot in temperatures over 75 or feel too cold under the same temperature, remember details longer, participate in activities without making sure that I can handle any possible problems or difficulties that might arise, not feel it mandatory to always carry along extra clothes "just in case", not be subjected to multiple tests, x-rays, MRI's, medications, doctors' appointments, treatments, not have to worry if every new pain or discomfort or annoying physical occurrence is real or just a "flare". And all the while I watch one of my very best friends being diagnosed before I am, yet barely experiencimh any amount of difficulties even close to what I do. That is why MS is called the "thumbprint disease" - no two people's experiences are the same.

    Yet even with all of this and what is yet to come - my faith in God is the rock that I hold on to during the storm, and know that He will never leave me or forsake me, and I pray the same for you 🙏!

    1. amandasep88,
      That has to be the hardiest thing to go through; waiting for MRI results when you want them, like yesterday. What other tests have the doctor sent you out on? Like a commentator on this discussion thread; have you had a full neurological exam? Have other tests been mentioned; like a lumber puncture (to look for specific characteristics in the spinal fluid unique for MS? I hope you get your results real soon; feel free to share them on this community if you feel comfortable to do so.

      1. I was diagnosed in 2014 with MS. I've been told by 4 different neurologists that I've had it since childhood, and thinking back, I think they're right. I would have symptoms that would come and go, throughout my life, but it really started hitting me hard in my 40's. My sister had it also, so I started putting 2 and 2 together, went to the doc, told them I needed a MRI and why, got it done, and was soon diagnosed. It was a whirlwind to say the least. I was treated with steroids for 5 days and the fatigue really took over, as if it wasn't bad enough already. I found out that I had EBV. I was in bed for a year, I've never been so miserable. It was hard to even get a grip on my MS when it took all I had in me to even get out of bed.....about a year went by and I started working on the MS, changing my diet, exercising, stress reduction etc. I went back to work the following year. 2 years later I couldn't work anymore due to the fatigue, stiffness, forgetfulness, the insomnia despite the fatigue, the brain fog and a list of other symptoms. Nowadays, I'm so much better, I watch my 1 yr old granddaughter 2 or 3 days a week, I do crafts, and enjoy my family and friends. I'm try to keep active, but some days are rough. My good friends, my husband and other family members help me tremendously. I can't say enough about finding a good support system. I also highly recommend seeing a therapist to get through this journey. Also find a good neurologist, preferably a specialist or treatment. Living with MS is rough, no joke, and most people don't understand how we can go from being fine one minute but not the next, it has literally taken me until the past couple years to get my family and friends on board with me, and I'm a nurse, lol. Try to stay positive, surround yourself with people who are positive Educate yourself about MS, Education is Power because it will improve your outlook. The unknown is scary. Try not to listen to dramatic stories of others, no two people with MS are the same. Ask your doctor alot of questions, write them down so you don't forget. This site is great for support, use it. You're welcome to message me anytime too. Best of luck

        1. How very kind of you to share your journey and such great advice, . I am glad you were finally able to get your family and friends to understand, at least on some level, how MS impacts your life. That kind of support is priceless. Sending the best of all wishes your way. - Lori (Team Member)

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