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HELP!!! A fellow MS sufferer needs your help please.

With permission from Facebook administrator.

Dear MS group, I'm so desperate.... hope you can help. I have a housebound friend called Jeanne who has ADVANCED MS. She cannot walk without aid, has no shower & battles to lift her legs into her bath & is too proud to ask for help!! She entered a local South African competition to have a COMPLETE BATHROOM MAKEOVER (hers will specifically be designed for a disabled person). Of everyone I've ever known, she really deserves this. A genuinely selfless, generous, giving, loving person who never asks for anything in return for ALL she does for others - when she herself has so very little. I'm requesting your subscribers PLEASE VOTE for HER BATHROOM PHOTO ENTRY in the ON-TAP COMPETITION (ends 16 July 2014).

All you do is CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO VOTE. Her bathroom photo will pop up. Read her brief description ("This bathroom seriously needs a makeover") & then close her photo. Her photo should then show as the 1st entry in the gallery of submitted entries. CLICK ON THE TURQUOISE VOTE BUTTON NEXT TO HER PHOTO. (Do not just click "Like". This will not count as a vote.) Then if you would - click the SEND button to share it with your friends who may be kind enough to vote as well. She currently needs nearly 200 votes to even stand a chance! And I'm praying that with your help - she wins!!! Her life will be changed forever! Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx.

  1. Zane, I visited the page and voted for your friend. I hope she wins that much-needed bathroom make-over. Do let us know the results of the voting. --Kim

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