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Can you have hemorrhage in eye with Optic Neuritis?

I was first diagnosed when I went to ER with Optic Neuritis. MRI showed a lot of lesions. Neuro and Opthalmologist called in to ER said it WAS Optic Neuritis even tho I had blood inside eye and sudden loss of vision in right eye. Follow up Retina Specialist diagnosed Optic Neuritis with possible ischemic vascular changes. Still have vision issues. Went to see Top Neuro Opthalmologist. She said it could have been Optic Neuritis but she doubts it because typically you don’t have blood in eye with Optic Neuritis. So I’m confused if I did or did not have ON.

  1. Hi Carole! We cannot provide medical advice or diagnosis, for your safety. It's not unusual for medical professionals to disagree on a medical diagnosis. Your best bet would be to go back to each physician and ask why they reached a specific diagnosis. You were seen by some pretty specific specialists, so I would defer to their knowledge and skill set. And, as a patient, you are welcome to seek another opinion if you would like.

    Here is some specific information on Optic Neuritis from the Mayo Clinic --

    I will say that hemorrhaging is not seen as a common symptom of Optic Neuritis and I have not read of any of our members experiencing this particular symptom.

    I hope you get some answers and do not experience this issue again!

    Thank you for reaching out!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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