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As a foreigner, how can I initiate my treatment?

Hello dear, My name is Fabiana, I´m 37 years old and I´m Brazilian. I'm intending to live in Orlando late October as a student, F1 visa. But I need to continue the treatment I do in Brazil over there. I use Tysabri monthly since 2011 and I´m feeling very good since then. I´ll be in Orlando from 09/15 to 09/29 and I´m wondering to set up an appointment with an neurologist to get some tips how can I get my medicine for free, from government. Please help me.

  1. Hi Fabiana,
    Thank you for reaching out! I've included a link to the Tysabri website with information about receiving financial assistance for the infusions: You may at least be able to call or chat with them about what options you may have for financial assistance. Also, I did a search for Orlando for doctors that provide Tysabri infusions that I thought may be helpful for you also: I hope this is helpful!
    Christina, Team

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