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What do you do about inattentive doctors?

I had two doctors tell me I present signs/symptoms of MS, the first was a urologist who then focused more on sending me into tears by blaming me for my bladder problems because he couldn't find anything else wrong during the tests. The second was my GP who noted some things during my general physical, then after a MRI of my brain for migraine issues they discovered some lesions and whatnot, said there were signs but "not enough for him to focus on at the moment". So instead they just keep sending me for more tests where everything comes back inconclusive because I'm just outside the parameters for things, but never enough to worry about in their eyes. Getting a referral to a neurologist is almost impossible, at least through my current GP. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is, is it that difficult to diagnose MS properly or could it be that I have some things but it's really something else going on that I'll just be stuck trying to figure out until I have a competent doctor or should I be looking for a doctor that might be able to help?

  1. Hi , sadly, your situation is not uncommon. The best advice I can give, is that you need to find new doctors. You may need to see several before you find one competent enough to really help you. MS can be difficult to diagnose, particularly if it's with a doctor that doesn't have the proper experience. Here's a little more of my thoughts on the topic, in case you are interested:

    1. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I really wish finding the right doctor wasn't so difficult.

  2. Hey , in addition to Devin's good advice, I'll say that finding a neurologist--or MS specialist if one is available in your area--is something to focus on. A general practitioner won't have the practiced eye to spot the nuances of this complicated disease. It is hard to diagnose MS even for neurologists. For example, six years went by between my first attack and an MS diagnosis--and that is not unusual. Ruling out other medical medications is part of the MS diagnostic process and that can take a long time.

    I hope you'll keep pushing to see a neuro who will do a full workup. In the meantime, if you aren't already, it's always a good idea to keep a symptom log and to keep seeing your doc to report symptoms. We need to turn ourselves into pests. Squeaky well and all of that. I hope you'll let us know when things change. --Kim, moderator

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