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Does anyone know of a insurance company that will approve a person with MS for long term disability benefits?

I just got rejected by Metlife due to my health questionnaire...IE me answering that I have MS. I still work full-time, but I just want to be prepared. Thanks!

  1. Hi ajung1130,

    Thanks for the question and for being a part of our community! Other members might be able to share their experiences. In the meanwhile, here's some info and articles we have about navigating insurance:


    Also, the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America but be a good resource to reach out:


    Kelly, Team Member

    1. It seems to me that the answers given have to do with getting a disability claim approved once you have coverage. I think the question concerned getting coverage from an insurance company - that is, getting a policy issued. If you don't have group LTD coverage through an employer, once you're diagnosed, it's been my experience that an insurance company won't issue you a LTD policy because your odds of going out on disability are much higher than for someone without the MS diagnosis. My similar problem has been getting a long term care policy, for care at home or in a nursing home. No insurance company I've talked with will issue me a LTC policy either, again on the basis that I have a pre-existing condition that would make it more likely that I would make a claim earlier in life for care.

      This is a very real problem for those of us with diagnoses who don't have a group policy available through work. The Affordable Care Act only does away with denial of medical insurance for those of us with a pre-existing condition. It doesn't help at all with getting a LTD policy or a LTC policy. We are really out of luck on both of those if we haven't gotten a group policy.

      And it's great that the folks who responded worked for folks who had their back though the claim process. I had an awful experience as a senior attorney with a very large law firm. The human resources people apparently had the idea that I was faking my claim, and stood in my way at every turn. It took more than 2 years and 2 appeals to get approved. They lied to me and tried to trick me, and it even took me months just to get a copy of the right policy (one for a senior attorney not a partner.) A long and very unhappy story. Maybe it's easier now with a cognitive disability now than it was then.

  2. I worked at Frito Lay for 20 years and when I could not work anymore I was approved for LTD by the company that handles workers comp claims. Check with HR dept.

    1. I had no problem getting approved for LTD through Metlife. There was paperwork that my doctor and I had to complete. Due to my companies coverage i was require to apply for SSDI after 6 months of being on LTD. Metlife set me up with a company that help me with the application process which really helped. It didnt cost me anything it was part of my coverage. It took 3 tries before i was approved for SSDI. While waiting to get approved Metlife continued to pay me. I was paid more on LTD than i get from SSDI. Metlife pays me the difference each month. Every couple of years my doctor and i have to fill out new paperwork but i have never had any problem with Metlife continuing to cover my LTD. I am really sorry to hear that you have had such a hard time. If you have any questions for me just ket me know. ☺

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