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Has anyone tried interferon therapy if Tecfidera didn't work?

Hello... I was diagnosed with CIS in Jan 2014 and with MS in Oct 2016. I started on Tecfidera since Nov 2016. My recent MRI in Oct 2018 showed new, big lesions and an increased size of older lesions. My doctor has suggested Tysabri (only if JC virus antibody is negative). However the same came to be positive and now he has recommended Inj Betaseron thrice weekly. Does the line of treatment seem correct in my case? Did anyone take interferon therapy after taking Tecfidera as first line of treatment? I am too confused as to the next medication that should be taken.

  1. Hi , thank you for your question and for reaching out for support online. I understand how frustrating finding the right medication can be, especially since every person has a different response with these medications. For some individuals, Tecfidera works very well; for others, not so much. I do not have personal experiences to share with you, but the best advice I can give you is to continue researching these options for yourself. Honestly, medical treatment is something best decided by you and a trusted physician working in partnership with you to manage your MS in the most effective manner. Here is an article from one of our contributors about MS treatments and choices that may provide additional help:
    And another one about Tecifidera and PML — Also here is some good, basic information on different treatment courses including interferon therapies —

    I am glad you took the time to reach out to the community and I hope others who have had similar experiences will share with you here. We are glad to have you here and wish you the best of luck! Please keep us posted on how you're doing if you feel comfortable doing so! Best, Shelby, Team Member

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