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Is it MS?

I have been diagnosed years ago with Hashimoto's, hyperthyroid, Raynaud's, and suspected Celiac's disease. I have been going to the hospital for years with puzzling symptoms, and just now a doctor thinks I may have MS and will be sending me to an internal medicine specialist with a MRI. I am currently in a flare and my left side of my body is in pain, hand and foot are numb or tingly... My head has so much pressure, it feels like my brain is touching my skull! My side of my face and skull are tender and painful to touch, and I get these sharp pains in my ear and down my throat with muffled hearing. I have also had the "hug." This is not the first time, but now that I have been researching MS I am feeling like this must be it. With my other list of symptoms, it is just too similar. Is there anything else it could be? Is there anything I can do for the pain or to stop this? I already eat organic paleo with no grains, sugar or dairy... Please, any advice right now will help me.

  1. Hi Bukws, I'm so sorry to hear about what you've been through. Whether you have MS or not, so many of us who have been diagnosed have gone through a very long and arduous road to get that diagnosis. I have no special secrets I can share to make it better (but I really wish I did). I will say that the most important advice I can give anyone, is to continue to advocate for yourself and seek the best doctor you can find. Not all doctors are created equal (very far from it), you have to be willing to say, "I'm not getting the help I need, so it's time to try a new one". Always remember that just because one or two or even three doctors aren't able to help you, that doesn't mean there isn't one that can.

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