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Is there a Possibility for MS?

Hello, I am a 33 year old Caucasian female. I have not been diagnosed with MS and don't have a family history that I am aware of. However, I seem to have most of the symptoms associated with the disease. My memory is horrible; I can forget what a topic of a conversation was after a small pause and will often forget why I was trying to figure out something in my head, for example this morning I was trying to figure out how much I get paid per day at my job and as soon as I had the simple equation in my mind I forgot why I was doing the math. I remembered after something else slipped my mind in the same way, which I can't remember what it was. I forget how to spell words I was once could spell. I have the worst insomnia. I get tired quickly through physical activity. Taking a shower often takes all the energy out of me and I have to force myself to finish tasks if I have multiple to accomplish. Once I'm done I will be down for the rest of the day. If I get hot I almost immediately feel dizzy and nauseated. I have a headache every day. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and take medication for those. My balance is not the best. I often trip on flat ground because I just don't lift my foot high enough. Along with that I am very clumsy. I run into door jams or tables, as well as other things, because I misjudge the space I have to go between or how sharp of a turn to make. I easily drop things for no reason. My legs easily move when I need to walk and I have no issues moving body parts when I need to. My vision is bad and I wear prescription glasses, although I have had this problem since I was in my teens and most of my relatives also wear glasses. My prescription does get slightly worse every year, however. I will not realize that my, (often left leg/foot) is asleep until after I try to walk on it. My balance is bad, especially when attempting to exercise. (I will lose balance while doing squats despite having arms stretched out and a straight back after 10 or so, for example.) Yoga is very hard solely due to balance. My strength and flexibility is improving through yoga but my balance is where it was day 1. I have a couple things I am not sure are associated but I wonder if could be: I don't have any numbness in my limbs or extremities other than the falling asleep thing described above. However, I have a weird numbing sensation in my back on the left in a very specific location, which sort of feels like a tingling sensation from like a light fabric being repeatedly brushed over the area, either that or hair or a bug crawling on the area.. Quite a few months ago I had the same sensation on the right side of my back. I periodically feel the sensation on the right side of my head as well. Suddenly, I will experience an intense burning itch on random parts of my body. The last thing I am experiencing has to do with my bladder. I don't have incontinence or accidents. I actually have the opposite problem , I will unequivocally have a full bladder and as soon as I sit on the toilet, I am unable to go. It takes several minutes and when I do, the stream is weak and I have to use all the strength I have to squeeze the urine out of my bladder. During the time I am urinating if I try to just let it flow, I will stop. This is more likely to happen after I have been holding it, or don't have fluids in my system to help ease it along, such as in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. During the day, as I drink water throughout the day, I easily go, frequently. I'm talking every 30 minutes to an hour for the first half of my day, even if I am just sipping the water. I understand that that, as well as many of the symptoms I described can be associated with many things. I just want to know if the problems with the numbness in my back and emptying my bladder could be associated with MS along with everything else I described. How should I approach my doctor with these symptoms and my suspicions? Could I have just fallen into the rabbit hole when I was trying to figure out why I can't pee and why my back has that weird tingling? Should I wait and see if my symptoms get worse?

Thank you for reading and I appreciate replies. I apologize for length, I wanted to give as much detail as possible.

  1. Since the brain is the body's information super highway, almost anything can be a symptom of MS, just these can be symptoms of other things (there are a LOT of MS mimics that cause the same symptoms). Only a qualified neurologist and proper testing such as MRI can answer the question of whether or not you have MS.
    Best of luck! 🍀🤞

    1. What if your Dentist is ripping you off doing unnecessary procedures and pulling teeth, doing root candles and crowns to the tune of 14k? I told my Dentist I had MS. He should have known about heightened sensitivity during an exacerbation and showed me X rays prior to performing root canals and crowning so many teeth unnecessarily. All of which was done during COVID

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