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Is Vitiligo common?

Hi everyone, Has anyone experienced vitiligo? I know it is common in people with autoimmune issues. My mother, brother, aunt, and cousin all have MS, along with me, but none of them have experienced vitiligo. I have very dark skin and it is very noticeable. (to me) It is just starting and I wonder if it is stoppable? It seems like just one more thing to accept with MS. Thanks, Holli

  1. Hey, Holli!

    I hope you're still active on this site and get this message. I know you posted this a while back, but I just came across your post. I wanted to tell you that I also have vitiligo. I have it in several spots on my body. I had never really related it to MS, but after reading your post I can see how it might be related. Great point, Holli.


    1. It is quite usual that several autoimmune deseases are linked or appear together. So Vitiligo is nothing special or unexpected when linked with a desease linked MS, from my point of view. There are statistics, where Vitiligo was linked to Hashimoto, Lupus and others.

      Kind Regards Torsten van Venrooy

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