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Has anyone been denied taking a DMT?

I am positive for the JC (John Cunningham, I believe) virus and as a result, I was told not to take Tysabri. At the time Tysabri was the strongest and most effective DMT.

  1. Hi , while you're waiting for feedback from the community, I thought I would share an article that might shed some light on why you were advised not to take Tysabri, as well as some information you can discuss with your doctor about how to lessen the associated risks.

    I hope it helps! Thanks for being here! -Warmly, Donna ( team)

    1. Hi Donna,
      Thank you for the information about Tysabri. My neuro indicated he wished he could have prescribed it for me.

      I am African -Caribbean so MS tends to cause more disability. It was very frustrating to have an effective DMT so near yet so far.

      I will do some follow-up on the NYU study. I need more concrete and definitive answers, but it is a starting point.

      Thank you do very much, Lisa

      1. Hi ,

        I'm glad it was helpful. I completely understand the frustration, the best news there is that there are new treatments coming more often, so hopefully there will be something that is useful for you, soon.

        I hope that you find the information that you need and deserve. -Warm (((hugs))), Donna ( team)

    2. Hi Lisasnyc,
      you've been on my mind a lot lately and just wanted you to know. I hope you're doing well...Janus

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