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This is just spasticity?

Hi friends. I am no stranger to spasticity in my feet, hands, and legs, but this feels like a a baby kicking? I couldn't possibly be pregnant, but that's what it feels like. I am wondering if anybody else has experienced strange abdominal twitch-like symptoms and what your resolution was if any? MS is a beast. I always have to wonder if a weird thing is digestive, neurological or just plain mental...

  1. Hi ,

    With any new or worsening symptoms we definitely recommend you reaching out to your healthcare team, if you haven't already.

    Some of our advocates have written about their experiences with spasticity and the MS hug so figured I'd share:,,, and

    Others in the community might be able to share if they've experienced this!

    - Kelly, Team Member

    1. Thanks! I’ve done this. 😀
      You were 100% right. Haha.

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